Details you can count on.

A passion for detail

Our unique set of services caters to the demands of fabrication

Real Details

All our designs are for the real world. We don’t waste your time with drawings that your own fabricators can’t use.

Looking Ahead

We are always trying to see the problems before they become real.

Communication is Key

Whether its submitting RFIs to your client or reviewing drawings with your crew, we believe communication is key to getting things right the first time.

From Start to Finish

From shop drawing submittals to field surveys to final installation, We can help guide your project through the entire process.

Designs for YOUR company

Every company is different, each with its own individual tooling, processes, and craftsmen. We strive to create details so the job can flow seamlessly through your shop.

Leverage Technology

Parametric designs and 3D modeling allow us to reliably create material take-offs, fabrication details, hardware schedules, and BOMs.

Added Value

Success is more than just making drawings

Shop Resources

  • Precise cutting with CNC water jet & router
  • Custom milling & machining
  • Template and mock-up fabrication
  • 3D printing

In the Field

  • On-Site survey and measurement
  • Template fabrication & testing
  • Reviewing drawings with your fabricators
  • Installation layout and management


  • Submittal drawing
  • Revisions
  • Piece details & IFC sets
  • Installation details
  • Bill of materials
  • Hardware sourcing

“Marshall has been there for us 100% through hundreds of projects.”

Mike S.

From Drawing to Metal

Exterior Stairs & Railing; Fabricator: Koenig Iron Works
Interior Doors + Partitions; Fabricator: Stainless Metals Inc.
United Nations Railings; Fabricator: Stainless Metals Inc.
Corporate HQ Stairs; Fabricator: Stainless Metals, Inc.

About Us

Marshall Wilson

With a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester, Marshall has led a varied career helping others realize their artistic and architectural visions with a keen eye towards aesthetics and practicality. His work has encompassed Theater (Blue Man Group, Big Apple Circus), Television (Cash Cab, What Would You Do, ABC News Dateline), and Fine Art (Public Art Fund, Whitney Museum). Maintaining a design and fabrication shop in Brooklyn, Marshall’s work over the past 12 years has focused on CAD design & metal machining for NYC-based Architectural Metal firms with projects all over NYC including the United Nation and Hudson Yards.